About us

HCC Honor Percussion is a world-renowned theatrical percussion ensemble based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  The group is a combination of Christian County and Hopkinsville High School band members. HCC  Honor Percussion competes under the governing organization Winter Guard International (WGI) and is the Kentucky State Champion. HCC Honor Percussion is a  non-profit youth organization that provides a positive educational activity for young musicians. The non-profit youth ensemble consists of around thirty performing members between fourteen and eighteen years of age.  

Mission Statement

Hopkinsville Christian County Indoor Percussion Boosters’ purpose is to provide funding for musical education of select percussion students within the Christian County Public School system.  This organization will seek support through public donations and fundraisers to provide an opportunity for these students to enhance their musical abilities while competing in various performance competitions.  The funds that are precured will cover expenses, not limited to, supplies, fees, equipment, special guest instructor compensation, and funding local performance showcases.  This funding will assist the Directors and Executive Board Members in making the best financial decisions to teach students and allow them to publicly showcase their skills and talents in various settings. 


HCC Honor Percussion pushes human ability and imagination while simultaneously committing to the highest level of musicality and performance. By challenging the expected and living outside of the box, HCC demonstrates their elite level of performance. 




Hours of practice